Promises Made…Promises Kept

When I decided to seek elected office, I promised Ventura County voters that I would pursue an aggressive plan for revitalizing and modernizing the Clerk and Recorder’s Office. All of those promises
and more were completed well before the end of my first term. Those promises were:

• Develop operational efficiencies to lower costs and streamline services.
Expanded service hours, implemented cost saving procedures and reconfigured customer service access generating a net cost savings to taxpayers of $8 million dollars. (Since 2010)

• Implement the latest technologies to secure and protect vital business and personal records and documents against fraud and other criminal activities.
Launched a new state of the art website designed to enhance customer access, eliminate abuse and increase transparency. Designed and installed a comprehensive department wide camera system with video remote monitoring and recording capabilities. Developed a policy (not mandated by law) to require valid identification when requesting certified copies of vital records.

• Ensure public trust by conducting open, efficient and timely elections.
Conducted 29 federal, state and local elections – all certified early and within budget. Launched an Election Night Reporting module to the website which offers customizable election results information, precinct reporting maps and graphing capabilities for smart phones and computers-thereby enhancing transparency and efficiency. Acquired and installed cutting edge ballot precincting, signature verification and opening equipment – reducing labor costs and time to process Vote by Mail ballots. Launched a new campaign finance website offering improved reporting and on-line search capabilities for candidates, committees and the public. The newly installed camera surveillance system in the Elections office serves to enhance customer safety, prevent voter fraud and track movement of ballots and voting equipment during election periods. Developed an Election office public inspection and viewing program during active elections periods.

• Prevent voter and document fraud.
Implemented the first Clerk and Recorder election and document fraud program- to identify, investigate and refer potential cases for prosecution. The Clerk and Recorder’s office is also an integral member of the Real Estate Fraud Advisory Team (REFAT). Created a notification program to alert owners of all notices of default and quit claim deeds filed in the Clerk and Recorder’s office.

• Enhance Clerk and Recorder services by establishing an office in eastern Ventura County.
Opened a satellite office in the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza.

• Implement electronic document recording – saving time and taxpayer dollars for individuals and businesses.

Completed. Developed a program and partnered with surrounding counties utilizing the “SECURE” system of electronic recording.